Modern conditions dictate the need for companies to use new formats of communication with consumers. «ParkZoo Digital» is not only an online exhibition, it is also advanced technologies that ensure the promotion of goods and services, the range of which is constantly expanding.

Each participant of the exhibition is provided with an online stand that displays information about them, contacts, presentations, price lists, photos, and videos. The more information provided, the more effective the placement. This should be not only text, but also audio and video information, because it is more attractive to users.

Participation in the exhibition will allow you to:

Gain a competitive advantage for business promotion through the use of innovative and effective tools.
Increase loyalty to the brand, company, product or service;
It is profitable to present the entire range of products or services;
Conduct web conferences, webinars, online seminars, and online presentations that allow you to communicate with potential clients live;
Find new customers and business partners;
Conduct analytical research that will allow you to evaluate competitors and determine ways to further develop your business;

It is quite easy to become an Exhibitor:
1   Fill out the form " BECOME AN EXHIBITOR».;
2   Your Personal Manager will contact you. He/she will supervise you throughout the entire process of preparation, holding, and up to the end of the exhibition. They will send you packages of placements for exhibition participants, answer all your questions, and help you adapt to the new format of the exhibition;
3   A digital stand will be created for your company on the event website and then your representative will be granted access to the system;
4   Choose your participation package from the ones offered by the Manager;
5   Provide the contact details of your representative who will work with the virtual stand. Specify the order of filling the stand that you choose, as well as additional services;
6   Formalize a bilateral agreement-contract;
7   Provide the materials necessary for filling your stand to the Manager, or by choosing an independent filling, do everything yourself;
8   Send free invitations to the exhibition to your guests and partners.
We wish you fruitful work and profitable contracts!
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